Debbie Kuhn writes across genres, but admits that horror is her favorite. She is currently a member of the Horror Writers Association.

Debbie is also a content writer, marketing assistant and freelance editor, willing to work with authors of any genre. To date, she has written three novels. Her latest release is an eBook horror story collection (available on Amazon and other online bookstores): “The White Death and Other Ghastly Ghost Stories.” Her speculative short fiction has appeared in several anthologies, eZines and magazines. A voracious reader, she loves dark supernatural fiction, urban fantasy and mysteries.

Traveling is Deb’s other great passion in life. The fascinating people and places she has encountered on her worldwide journeys have led to many memorable experiences that continue to inspire her imagination.

Debbie now lives in Kentucky with her husband and two wicked-sweet kittens (Leia and Kylo). Check out the links (Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon) on her Contact page to stay up to date. Or email her by clicking here.