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Praise for Mason’s Will:

“This novel’s plot contains all the elements of a truly remarkable romance: action, love, intrigue, hatred, forgiveness, and as each one of these elements seamlessly blend, they create a truly delightful story.”

Jennifer Grimm, A Romance Review

“This was a beautiful, heartfelt tale that makes Afghanistan come to life…a rich tapestry made of exotic scenes, smells, and a plethora of emotions. This is a superbly written and emotionally engaging story – perfect for anyone.”

Sara Sawyer, Reviewer for The Romance Studio

“Ms. Kuhn has written a novel that is filled with all the essential – and successful – ingredients: believable characters, a strong story line, adventure, love and an ending that fits perfectly.”

Joyce Handzo, Reviewer for Love Romances

“An excellent read. The story moved along well, making one reluctant to put the book down. A true love story with all the downfalls and breakdowns in all the right places, but the problems are spurred on by intriguing adventure to make you keep turning the pages.”

PJ Duane, Reviewer for Bard’s Ink

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