Mar 15 15

Thought I’d remind everyone that the Kindle edition of my short story collection, “The White Death and Other Ghastly Ghost Stories” is still available on Amazon. The collection includes ten dark tales – eight reprints and two new tales (see link for story descriptions). The eBook can also be found on iBooks, Kobo, Lulu.com, and online at Barnes & Noble as well.

Here’s the Table of Contents/Story Titles:

1.   The White Death

2.   Little White Casket

3.   Ghost Writer

4.   Angeline

5.   Flower Girl

6.   What Happened in the Cellar

7.   Frankie Revetta’s Favorite Chair

8.   Red Barchetta

9.   Playground for the Dead

10. The Power of Moonlight

The cool book cover is by English artist, Danielle Tunstall. Check out her page here.

I hope all of you have a sunny, spring-like St. Patrick’s Day.